Q: What do you do?
A: We distill the investment universe down to what we believe are the ten most compelling global investments. We then diversify, fit and balance them together into a high-powered, concentrated, global portfolio that works.

Q: Do you concentrate on any particular geographic location or asset class ?
A: No. We look everywhere and at everything.

Q: If I sign up for your email alert service, how often can I expect to receive an email from you?
A: Not often. You may hear from us once a month or once a year.

Q: Will you sell my email address to any other company or otherwise bombard me with junk mail?
A: No.

Q: Is the tenstocks.com portfolio volatile?
A: Yes.

Q: On your site and in your alert service you only give the name of the company and its addition/deletion price. Why?
A: Because we do not sell ideas or advice. We just tell you what we are doing. Not why.

Q: Is tenstocks.com a real portfolio?
A: Yes. It is the personal investment portfolio of Chris Rees.

Q: What about units?
A: The tenstocks.com portfolio is split into 100 units. When we add an investment, we allocate a unit weighting. One unit equals 1% of the total portfolio including the cash portion.

Q: Do you adhere to growth or value principles?
A: In general we seek 'deep value' and 'special situation' opportunities.

Q: Do you make efforts to balance the portfolio for risk?
A: Yes.

Q: When you add an investment what is your average time horizon?
A:  We are quite happy to hold a position for three to five years.

Q: Do you manage private capital?
A: Yes. We manage portfolios for friends and family.

Q: What kind of returns do you expect from tenstocks.com?
A: Over the short term the portfolio can and will exhibit significant price volatility both up and down. However, we believe that over any rolling five year period it is reasonable for us to expect a tenstocks.com portfolio to return 12% per annum.

Q: Is it a good idea to 'cherry pick' the Tenstocks.com portfolio?
A: No. Investments and unit amounts are carefully selected to fit into the overall portfolio. Cherry picking is likely to increase risk more than performance.

"Determination, discipline and hard work are essential ingredients for success. Luck will not work."
- Chris Rees